Friday, February 29, 2008

Text messaging!

This is the link to the article on text messaging- I guess your cell phone would need those capabilities.... !

Trading cards on Flickr

I made a trading card for Bill the Juggler and Matt Dunn- but I did not make them public, as they are someone else's image...


RSS google shortcuts

Check out this neat explanation of Google RSS short cuts. I could not print it as we are in the midst of our switch over to carverco.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

flicker- and clifford

Well I JUST posted a really cute photo of Clifford the Big Red Dog reading a magazine in my library. I have not gotten much further than that... I doubt I will ever use flicker, but it was fun.
that is THING 4 I believe.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RSS- ulp!

well I subscribed to a BUNCH of News and Book sites on Google reader. .....ulp- if I read them all I'll never have time to sleep ! but it should be fun. 

Time for 23 things!? and some ideas.....on marketing

well, I am off today and also sick with a cold, so I am not babysitting... so this explains why I have time to do the first few of the 23 things. .... ha ha. 

so far it has been fun. I am most interested in how libraries are using new technologies for marketing programs and events. 
I am anxious to: 
1. have an email newsletter- with graphics, it should be posted on our web site and customers could subscribe. 
2. tape library events, artist or author talks, and have them available  on our web site for viewing. 
3. install CCTV with powerpoints of library events and programs playing on screens above our check out area. This is used at our schools and also at our local community center.... I already create powerpoints for several local community cable TV stations. 

fiber optics

well I really wonder if the fiber optic cables will make a difference in the number of problems we have with the public computers? hmmm.... it is getting really busy again.